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First World War Walks in Northern France

Walk 1; Night Walk through the trenches.
During the day, the forest talks about autumn or summer, sun or rain. Beautiful flowers in a ditch. Small valleys form a kind of labyrinth. Bird sounds make the whole into a fairy tale. But that is not an innocent ditch with flowers it is a hole of a shell burst. No labyrinth, but a trench system. 100 years ago a deadly war took place here. Drum fires. Troop movements, reliefs and refreshments happened overnight. During the day it was too dangerous in the trenches to move. Walk along and experience the trenches at night.
I read from a diary of sergeant Klahn 5 / LIR83 about an attack in 1915 that occurred in the place where we stop. Duration 1.5 hours. Cost € 100,-.

Walk 2: Along the front. We walk through the trenches from camp to camp and visit one bunker after the other.Duration at least 2.5 hours, see pricelist at the bottom.

Walk 3: Behind the front line.
Communication Bunkers, Blinckstellen, Bunkers for canons, Hospitals, Pioneer Camp, all interconnected.
I read from a diary of Batalion Dr. Lau who took approximately the same walk to a defensive action on 25 September 1915. Duration at least 2.5 hours, see pricelist at the bottom.

Walk 4: In Autry and around
Presented is a regimental history of how in 1918 the Germans were cornered in the church of Autry and how Lt. Clostermann and Sgt. Noll escape on a telephone wire. Duration at least 2.5 hours, see pricelist at the bottom.

Walk 5: Argonnen Offensive.
I read personal stories from the soldiers of the 307th and 308th Regiment of the 77th Division. We follow there footsteps up to the Lost Batallion.

Per request I can also organize walks suited to your needs. Do you have certain monuments or locations you want to see? Such a walk needs more work and preparation than the already prepared walks above. For instance; 'Along French lines', 'Kanonnenberg,' 'Haute Chevauchee', etc. Duration at least 2.5 hours up to dusk. Price € 90,- per hour hiking. 1 day = €300,-, 2 days=€540,-, 3 days=€750,-.
For all walks, the less people walk along the more we can see and I can share more information. But you may also come with 20 persons. Then it is more volatile, but also cheaper per person.

Price list for Walk 2, 3, 4 and 5:

€ incl. BTW
2,5 uur 110
3 uur 130
4 uur 170
5 uur 205
6 uur 235
7 uur 260
8 uur 280
9 uur 300
2 dagen 540
3 dagen 750
5 dagen 1200